Sydney and Bear's litter ~ born June 3rd, 2011


These were the last two boys to go to their new homes.
These pictures were taken at 9 weeks old. Both boys are just over 15 pounds.

Jake ~ has gone to live along the Oregon coast.
Jasper ~ has gone to live in the Lansing, Michigan area.
Jasper and Jake ~ Playing together
Jake is the darker puppy and Jasper is the lighter one.
Both boys are very socialable and love attention.


These pictures were taken at 8 weeks old. Both boys are just over 14 pounds.

As you can see by the bone on these two boys, they will probably mature
on the larger end of the size scale for Bouviers.


This big boy is heavy boned. He has a large head with a wide skull. He has a thick brindle coat which indicates he will likely turn silver with a dark face. He is calm and curious in personality. He is very affectionate and loves to be held.


This heavy boned boy is playful and outgoing. He makes his own entertainment by finding things to do. He enjoys chasing the squeaky ball around the room and taught himself to untie the bows on the chair cushions.

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